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When a community brings forth opportunities.

When a community brings forth opportunities.

The skylight and high ceiling of the industrial building create a unique atmosphere

The VN Residency is a unique workspace to strengthen a community of talents. 

We unite creative minds and brands based in Zürich and all over Switzerland to connect and collaborate.
Coworking by day, event space by night.

Exchange, connect and thrive

A communion between creatives and social media experts to concept, design and share content made for community.

The optimal  environment for collaborations and content creation.

A daily work environment for every creative type.

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Our story

Established in 2019 in the city centre of Zurich, the VN Residency strengthens a community of creatives and freelancers in an innovative and design working environment.

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Why the VN Residency

Benefiting from a community of dynamic members and partners, along with exquisite perks and one of a kind interior design, the VN Residency is much more than a workspace.

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Explore our membership plans and innovative pricing, discover all about our amenities, and apply to join the VN Residency family.

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Lunch & Dinner

Cook and prepare your lunch and snacks as if you were home


Have a seat, take a book and relax in one of the cosy corners

Content Creation

Be creative and use the versatile space to create content

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Partner Brands

News & Blog

Meet the Community

Olivia Faeh

September 25, 2019

Lea Hagmann

September 25, 2019

Shaniece Parker

September 25, 2019
Community blog coming soon

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